Review in today’s Post Dispatch

Prints from the Sheldon Show are on Sale.  The profits will ALL go to the CRUDEM Foundation.  If you are interested in a print, either framed or unframed, please call me with the description of the print as it appears at the show and whether you’d like to purchase the framed print or an unframed version:  Large framed  $375.00    Unframed  $300.00

Small framed  $275.00     Unframed  $200.00

Today in the St. Louis Review there was an article on my Haiti Show at the Sheldon.  They also have a web gallery of about 15 of the images from the show on their website.

Recently  STLtoday’s Calvin Wilson posted a review on the show at the Sheldon, Northern Haiti:  Human Landscape.  Calvin interviewed me an hour before the opening last week at the gallery.  Check out his review here.

Also on Cityscape, NPR’s local show on art and culture: 90.7 KWMU Steve Potter interviewed Olivia Lahs-Gonzalez, the Curator of the Sheldon along with myself and Steve Giovinco.  The discussion centered around the photography exhibits at the recent opening.  A podcast should be available soon, but if you can catch it tonight, the show airs at 10:30 CST

Below are some photographs taken by my talented assistant Kholood Eid at the opening on February 17th.