Variety Saint Louis Headlines Santana

The Ladue News Cover  for this week was shot in my studio and gave me a chance to see a few of the children that benefit from the equipment that is so vital to living an active engaged life.  Read more about the event and Variety Saint Louis in this issue.

Variety Saint Louis hosted their patrons at the Bogey Club this past week where Board President Mr. Greg Boyce greeted guests. 

Entertainment provided by the Variety Children’s Chorus brought lively applause from the audience.

Nancy and Walt Galvin talked about the event and turned it over to Ron and Cheri Fromm who made the big announcement


Others so key to this event were there as well, including Sam and Marilyn Fox, Dave and Thelma Steward, and Jim and Stacy Weddle to name a few.

Wishing Variety their best yet in the 2013 Evening with the Stars