Genevieve & Charlie

It’s always special when I have the privilege of photographing different brides from the same family, and this was certainly no exception. I photographed Genevieve’s cousin Martha’s wedding previously, so it was great this time around to see some familiar faces as well as new ones.

Genevieve and Charlie were a riot. The party started early as Genevieve shared her memories and gave thanks to all the bridesmaids & family at home prior to the ceremony.

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flowers by Meg Huber were so fresh and artfully done erker_g_blog_12 erker_g_blog_13 erker_g_blog_14 erker_g_blog_15 erker_g_blog_16 erker_g_blog_17 erker_g_blog_18 erker_g_blog_19 erker_g_blog_20

The Missouri History Museum is a personal favorite of mine for wedding shoots, so I was glad we made the detour on our way to the lovely Cedars Banquet Hall for the reception.

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Galaxy just kept on going and this crowd never stopped.

erker_g_blog_38 erker_g_blog_39 erker_g_blog_40 erker_g_blog_41 erker_g_blog_42 erker_g_blog_43 erker_g_blog_44 erker_g_blog_45 erker_g_blog_46Cheers to this amazing couple and a wonderful 2014 lies ahead without a doubt.