Beth & John

Beth&John_01Beth loves bright and vibrant colors which mirror her personality.  She was just bursting with happiness on her wedding day.

Beth&John_02 Beth&John_03 Beth&John_04 Beth&John_05 Beth&John_06 Beth&John_07 Beth&John_08 Beth&John_09

Lots of “little ones” were part of the wedding party which provided great entertainment!

Beth&John_10 Beth&John_11 Beth&John_12 Beth&John_13 Beth&John_14 Beth&John_15 Beth&John_16 Beth&John_17 Beth&John_18 Beth&John_19 Beth&John_20 Beth&John_21 Beth&John_22 Beth&John_23

On to Tower Grove Park one of the true jewels of the City for some after ceremony fun.

Beth&John_24 Beth&John_25 Beth&John_26 Beth&John_27 Beth&John_28 Beth&John_29

A venue to definitely consider for your wedding is Neo which has several floors providing several options depending on size and atmosphere desired.  Beth&John_30


Gregory’s Creative Cuisine provided a wonderful buffet spread including great veggie options and tasty treatsBeth&John_31


The Cakery can create beautiful designs and large scale cakes that are delicious! As you will see in following photos, some couldn’t wait for their cake to be served.Beth&John_32 Beth&John_33 Beth&John_34 Beth&John_35 Beth&John_36 Beth&John_37 Beth&John_38

Priceless!  yes, helping herself to the cake—just couldn’t wait til it was servedBeth&John_39 Beth&John_40 Beth&John_41 Beth&John_42 Beth&John_43 Beth&John_44 Beth&John_45 Beth&John_46 Beth&John_47

And a special day as well for Beth’s parents, John & Cindy, who celebrated their 35th Wedding Anniversary that same day-Beth&John_48Have a fantastic first year with many more to come Beth and John !!!