Portrait/Process Exhibit opening at the IPHF


Review of Portrait/Process Show from Sunday June 30th………..

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Opening is this Thursday, June 19th from 6-9-I hope you can make it!!!

From people watching to storytelling, Portrait/Process appeals to the voyeur in all of us while exploring the various genres of photographic portraits. The exhibition examines approaches in contemporary photography, and provides a historical perspective on the portrait from the daguerreotype to the smartphone.

The exhibition is divided into sections exploring the various portrait forms such as the environmental portrait, the self portrait, the vernacular portrait and the historical portrait. The photographs illustrate how various processes facilitate the intent, concept and expression of the artist.

In addition to works by Contemporary American artists, the exhibition includes iconic images from St. Louis collections, the International Photography Hall of Fame collection, as well as an amazing selection of daguerreotypes from a local collector. The exhibition was curated by Ellen Curlee.

The International Photography Hall of Fame is grateful to the St. Louis collectors and companies who have agreed to lend their collections for this exhibition, and extends its sincere thanks for the kind cooperation of all of the artists featured, who have graciously lent their work to this upcoming exhibition. 

Photographers featured in photograph above: Brian Riley / Heather Bennett / John Foster / Mikael Kennedy / Ellen Jantzen / Eric Shultis / Patti Gabriel / Michelle Rogers Pritzl / Oscar Rejlander / Emily Stremming / Michael Dvorak / Mark Katzman

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