Ben & Rachel

Ben and Rachel’s big day was filled with beauty, love and a whole lot of dancing. Rachel was a stunning bride, and the entire wedding was filled with a sort of quiet splendor. The History Museum’s transformation itself was remarkable, which Sherry at the Party Broker contributed a great deal to. It went from a bright, spacious space with sunlight streaking in for the ceremony to a dimly-lit romantic reception—an entirely different world, an alluring one the couple floated through as if the evening itself were nothing more than a sweet dream.

Flora by Nora provided the very elegant bouquet and other flower arrangements. I’d also like to send a very special thanks to Samantha with the Butler’s Pantry for being such a pleasure to work with.

Rachel’s baby brother Julian, aka DJlolkatz, contributing to the festivities.

Thanks to my assistant Sarah Daisy for her hard work. And congratulations to the happy couple!