Megan & Linda

Martha’s Vineyard is one of the top destination wedding locations in the country and after this magical 4 days spent with Megan & Linda and their families, it would be on my list without a doubt.

Beach picnic, sunset at Menemsha Beach.   One of the great treats of doing a wedding away is that you can completely immerse yourself, get to know everyone and become familiar with the lay of the land

Picture this….flowers delivered the morning of the wedding-picked only hours earlier—the presentation itself was a work of art .  That’s what Krishana Collins at  Tea Lane Farm  delivered for this spectacular wedding.
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Megan and Linda had the most welcoming bridal party-and they all participated in various aspects of the decorating and preparation.  It was truly a group effort, but the planning that went into this wedding was in great part due to Megan’s creative spirit and design talents.  M&L_blog_14 M&L_blog_15 M&L_blog_16 M&L_blog_17 M&L_blog_18 M&L_blog_19 M&L_blog_20 M&L_blog_21 M&L_blog_22

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Megan’s 2 brothers officiated at the ceremonyM&L_blog_25 M&L_blog_26 M&L_blog_27 M&L_blog_28 M&L_blog_29 M&L_blog_30 M&L_blog_31 M&L_blog_32 M&L_blog_33 M&L_blog_34 M&L_blog_35 M&L_blog_36 M&L_blog_37 M&L_blog_38 M&L_blog_39 M&L_blog_40

Wine bottles saved by friends and family over an extended period of time were used as candle holders along the exterior walls of the reception venue.M&L_blog_41

Every guest felt special— each receiving handwritten notes from Linda and MeganM&L_blog_42 M&L_blog_43

Julie Hatt provided guidance and planning and was instrumental in pulling it all together for the day along with fantastic food provided by Buckley’s CateringM&L_blog_44 M&L_blog_45 M&L_blog_46 M&L_blog_47 M&L_blog_48 M&L_blog_49 M&L_blog_50 M&L_blog_51 M&L_blog_52 M&L_blog_53 M&L_blog_54 M&L_blog_55 M&L_blog_56 M&L_blog_57 M&L_blog_58 M&L_blog_59 M&L_blog_60 M&L_blog_61

Scott Rosenthal , owner of Cape Tunes was a real pro, keeping the crowd out there on the dance floor well into the night.M&L_blog_62

M&L_blog_63 M&L_blog_64 M&L_blog_65Truly a wedding I will never forget-and a shout out to all the incredible friends and bridal party that I got to know while there-thanks for making it all so much fun-despite the fact that this was the playoff season, which pitted the Cards against the Red Sox…….each winning their division during this time.  We won’t talk about the rest!