Sara & Kyle


The bridal party was looking cool, calm, and collected at a spot just down the road from St. Alban’s Country club. ¬†Considering it was about 98 degrees at the time, I’m amazed!! ¬†They really were troopers!




Julie Goette at Ten Four Paper created beautiful announcements and other pieces at the reception as well.Tines_blog_04 Tines_blog_05

Sara spent a lot of time on the details which added so much to the event.


Tines_blog_07 Tines_blog_08

I don’t know how Rich Zengel Florists did it but these bouquets held up in brutally high temperatures.Tines_blog_09

Wonderful momentos of her father were on both the bouquet and wedding dress.Tines_blog_10 Tines_blog_11 Tines_blog_12 Tines_blog_13 Tines_blog_14 Tines_blog_15 Tines_blog_16 Tines_blog_17 Tines_blog_18 Tines_blog_19 Tines_blog_20 Tines_blog_21 Tines_blog_22 Tines_blog_23

A Time Capsule for guests to fill with well wishes and predictions added to the fun.



The Cakery created one of the largest cakes I’ve ever seen which is no small feat!Tines_blog_26 Tines_blog_27 Tines_blog_28 Tines_blog_29

Smashband got the crowd involved and all ages were out there on the dance floor.Tines_blog_30 Tines_blog_31 Tines_blog_32 Tines_blog_33 Tines_blog_34 Tines_blog_35 Tines_blog_36 Tines_blog_37 Tines_blog_38