Annmarie & Mark



Who would have expected that a December wedding would bring temps in the 60’s for our bride, who could wear a sleeveless dress without goosebumps!!Utech-02 Utech-03 Utech-04 Utech-05 Utech-06

Of course they had to sport their mittens which were only for show on this unusually warm December day.Utech-07 Utech-08 Utech-09 Utech-10 Utech-11Utech-10


Utech-13 Utech-14 Utech-15 Utech-16 Utech-17

Father and………a Full-Fledged Minister which brought so much more to the ceremony.Utech-18 Utech-19 Utech-20 Utech-21 Utech-22 Utech-23 Utech-24 Utech-25 Utech-26 Utech-27 Utech-28 Utech-29 Utech-30 Utech-31 Utech-32



Utech-35 Utech-36 Utech-37 Utech-38 Utech-39 Utech-40 Utech-41 Utech-42 Utech-43 Utech-44 Utech-45 Utech-46 Utech-47Happy New Year and wishing you a most wonderful 2016!