Lauren & Matthew

Lauren and I go back–way back. I first photographed Lauren when she was about 3 years old. Since then, I’d become quite familiar with documenting the big moments of her and her family’s lives. Although large gaps of time fell in between our shoots, I kind of watched her grow up. I took Lauren and her siblings’ childhood portraits and senior portraits. And then, I was hired to photograph Megan, Kate and Terry’s (respective) weddings. So when the time came for Lauren to make that big leap, she knew she wanted to get married in the charming town of Grand Haven, MI., where the family has a lovely summer home on the beach. And she wanted me to be the wedding photographer.

I was incredibly touched by this–and thrilled. I’ve known the Tyrrells for years so they really do feel like family.

And what a gorgeous wedding! A crab boil themed rehearsal kicked off this weekend-long event of love, laughter and amazing food. And more food.

Matthew is currently a corporate chef at Lettuce Entertain You while Lauren is a cook at L20 Restaurant. The talented couple are now dreaming of opening their own restaurant someday. That is, after they travel throughout France studying–and eating–fine cuisine for a few months. Not a bad way to start married life.

Being in the food industry requires great attention to detail and, well, great taste. Both are evident in this wedding.

Matthew is a huge fan of all things Old Bay, which played a big theme for this Maryland-inspired crab boil fest.

Things got a little messy.

Matthew’s Old Bay cake, made by friend and fellow chef Stephanie Prida. Stephanie was named by Serious Eats Magazine as the Best New Pastry Chef in Chicago. She also created the couple’s wedding cake for the next day.

The Grand Haven BakeHouse catered the joyous(and delicious) event.

And this was only the first day.

Finally, the big day arrived. Perfect weather, perfect wedding.

What a treat, seeing Lauren’s face light up when they played a video of her brother Collin and his wife, both of whom are currently stationed in Afghanistan and were unable to attend the wedding. It was such a joy to see her so happy. It clearly meant the world to her and the family.

I wish you both the very best of luck. Here’s to the beautiful and talented couple! Hoping our paths cross again soon. Cheers.

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