Lyndsey & Kyle


Lyndsey & Kyle had so much fun with their bridal party exploring the St. Louis Riverfront and many other beautiful locations available close by.  L&K_02

Meg Huber is a florist with flair and her creations are always fresh and unique.  Wedding invitation and other beautifully designed works on paper  by M. Haley Design L&K_03

These beautiful robes were gifts for the lucky bridesmaids.L&K_04 L&K_05

Dress – Fleur De Lis Bridal Boutique L&K_06 L&K_07 L&K_08 L&K_09

Our handsome groom and proud fathers of the bride and groom.L&K_10 L&K_11 L&K_12

On to Blessed Sacrament for the Mass and wedding ceremony.L&K_13 L&K_14 L&K_15 L&K_16 L&K_17 L&K_18 L&K_19 L&K_20 L&K_21 L&K_22 L&K_23 L&K_24 L&K_25 L&K_26 L&K_27 L&K_28 L&K_29 L&K_30 L&K_31 L&K_32 L&K_33 L&K_34 L&K_35 L&K_36

Crossing the bridge into downtown St. Louis-the overcast skies and chilly temperatures did not stop this adventurous group.L&K_37 L&K_38 L&K_39

L&K_40 L&K_41 L&K_42 L&K_43 L&K_44 L&K_45 L&K_46

Hats off to Terri Lee, who coordinated the event for the Missouri Athletic Club.  The event  flowed seamlessly thanks  to Ashley Rath at Dishy Event Planning   L&K_47 L&K_48 L&K_49 L&K_50 L&K_51 L&K_52 L&K_53 L&K_54

L&K_55 L&K_56 L&K_57 L&K_58 L&K_59

The Pastry Chef at the Missouri Athletic Club, Chef Dale created this wedding cake-the scale and design unsurpassed!L&K_60 L&K_61 L&K_62 L&K_63 L&K_64

Spectrum Band provided non-stop music that the crowd wished would never end.L&K_65 L&K_66 L&K_67

What a treat to work with both of you………may life together bring you much joy!

Thanks to Katy Corea for her excellent photography assisting.  Videography services provided by Kenny Hammel, Dr34ms Renewed.



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